Ghost Meter EMF Meter

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Link: Ghost Meter EMF Meter

Read the reviews for the real win

From “Klem Cattywampus” (You should go read at least this one in full)

I been a meanin’ to git me a new one o’ these ever since my ol’ one plum caught fire whilst walkin’ through Bloody Stump Swamp. Course it bein’ a reg’lar homespun Head in a Box, it ain’t had none of this here fine craftsmanship and fancy dials. It didn’t even light up. Well, not till it caught fire anyways.

From Ciaran Brewster “Dr. Malcolm Crowe”

I am a child psychiatrist who has recently befriended a nine year old boy name Cole. This creepy looking kid claims to be able to see dead people all around so I decided to pick up a Ghost Meter EMF Sensor and see if was yanking my chain. Unfortunately, my model appears to be a dud. As soon as I turn it on the damn thing starts beeping like there is no tomorrow and the needle reading is off the chart. I was really hoping that this would work so I could impress my wife who has been acting rather distant of late.

Ghost Meter