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Music Video for Broken Cities’ Beyond the Lightning, Void

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Today we launched our new record, Anemoi and with it a music video. This video for Beyond the Lightning, Void by the guys over at jmaverick is another piece of great work from some people we’re very excited to be working with again. They describe it as follows:

The video follows Winston, a happily married chemist, determined to reach new bounds of discovery in his field. But when an experiment turns explosively wrong, Winston awakes in a hospital room with little knowledge of the events leading there. With mysterious security guards outside his door, he soon realizes his wife, and his own life, could be at risk. Focusing his energy on evading capture, he comes to discover he now possesses a new kind of power—much greater than anything he bargained for.

Anemoi by Broken Cities

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Hi Everyone,

Broken Cities is releasing our new album on Tuesday, September 23. Each day until then we’ll be previewing one track from the record. Track one, Voyage of the Anemoi, is embedded above. You can go listen to a new one each day at