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Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition

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Anders Ramsell hand painted 12,597 watercolor frames to make an abridged version of the film which he synced to sound from the original.

Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition” follows the original movie´s storyline but I have taken the liberty to change a lot of things. It was never my intent to make an exact version of the movie, that would fill no purpose. Instead I wanted to create a something different and never before seen

Music Video for Boerdʼs Wavelength

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Looks like summer in Sweden. Directed by Kommak.

Untouched Waters

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Photography by Henrik Bonnevier of the Lapland region of Sweden.

Untoched Waters

Good Morning Malmö

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Link: Good Morning Malmö

Photos by Anders Rorgren of Malmö, Sweden